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"Before signing up with Kasey, my twins at 8.5 months, struggled most with multiple wakings at night. Not only did they wake up a few times at night, but it also took an hour or so to assist them back down to sleep. I was an extremely tired Mama and needed help ASAP! She set us up with a solid plan and once the twins got use to their new routine it was a GAME CHANGER!! We tweaked their schedule a few times as this was also a transitioning phase for them. They're at an age where they transition from 3 naps to 2 and with Kasey's guidance we didn't run into any hiccups or resistance. They adjusted so well to their new 2 nap routine that even when we travelled to Hawaii they were on point with their schedule. Before our sessions ended, I have two babies who are finally sleeping through the night, one who is able to soothe himself to sleep for bedtime all on his own, and the other who I still assist to sleep but very minimal now and can knock out within 10 mins! With all the tips that Kasey passed on I know it's just a matter of time until I can get my 2nd baby to soothe herself to sleep. She's a more sensitive baby and requires a slow and steady "baby step" approach. I honestly don't know where we would be if it weren't for Kasey's guidance. The twins are happy, well rested and so is their Mama =)

Highly, highly recommend Kasey of Discover & Dream, Pediatric Sleep Coach!! A 1000x thank you for helping us with our twins!!"



"Kasey was such a huge help in helping my 15 month old sleep through the night. We had struggled since he was born and he was waking multiple times at night. Her plan was actionable and doable and she was great at explaining the education behind sleep science. I would definitely recommend her and her services."


"This is my second time working with Kasey to help improve the sleep of our littles, and I couldn't be happier or more thankful to work with her. She helped so much with our first child, that when our second child started struggling with sleep, we knew exactly who to call. She is very knowledgable and patient. Kasey not only guided us to get on a schedule and read cues for what my son needed, she also explained why certain behaviors were happening. When practicing sleep with a child, it could be frustrating and a rollercoaster. Kasey promptly answered any of my questions and reassured me of the process. Knowing that babies are humans and not robots, she was very accommodating and professional to our needs. Our son ended up getting sick during one of our weeks working together, and she extended our time to ensure we got the full benefit from working together. I saw leaps and bounds of improvement in my son's sleep during our time together, and feel confident of the skills she gave me moving forward. I think the fact that I used Kasey twice speaks volumes of not only the process but outcome, and I truly recommend her service to anyone who is having sleep struggle with the children."

~ Cathy

"Our family recently made a very far move and my 9 month old baby’s sleep was thrown off for months. She could only fall asleep nursing and would wake up frequently at night, sometimes every 45 minutes and would be up for hours. Kasey worked with us to get her sleep environment and schedule changed and put into place. I immediately saw a difference within days. We continued to work a gradual, gentle approach over the next few weeks. She was comforted through the entire process and never left to cry. She is now able to fall asleep without nursing and can settle herself back to sleep quickly if she wakes at night. We were even able to take a trip and get good hotel room sleep. She is a happier baby overall because her sleep requirements are being met. Kasey worked with my needs to find the perfect schedule for our family. She was in constant communication and was available to answer any and all questions I had. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep. She has made a huge positive impact on our family."


"Working with Kasey was the best sleep solution we could have ever gotten! We started working with her when our baby was 10 months old and waking up every hour from 10pm-6am. We got immediate results when she tweaked our schedule, with longer stretches of sleep and after a week we were down to just a couple wake ups a night. Naps were also better right away. We tried a lot of different techniques before finding her but nothing worked. We did not want to do the cry it out method and Kasey was extremely supportive of that and always made us feel comfortable with strategies, schedule, and was so encouraging through the challenges. She stays in close communication and was always very responsive to anything I needed help with. She is very knowledgeable and shares so much information, she recognized a sleep issue our son has because of a tongue tie and gave us full support on how to address that as well. I couldn’t have asked for better help and support on so many levels. I can’t say enough good things about her, we are forever grateful for her! VERY highly recommend her services!"


"I had such a great experience hiring Kasey as our sleep consultant. Before her help, my daughter was taking 30 minute cat naps, sleeping in my room with me, fighting sleep, and waking every 30 minutes to an hour all night long. Now she is taking hour long naps just about every nap, never fights sleep, sleeps in her own room at night, and sleeps throughout the night many nights. Kasey not only helped with sleep issues we were having, but also had a lot of other helpful knowledge to share that was extremely beneficial for my family. I am so grateful for everything she did for us and I’d highly recommend her services."


"Kasey developed a sleep schedule for our 2 year old and it had such a positive impact on him and our family! She educated us on how much overall wake time he needs and how to adjust timing points based on his sleep schedule. We have learned so much from her and don’t dread nights anymore! He is happier, not as quick to upset or throw a tantrum, and he has been communicating with us better since getting better sleep. He went from waking up 5-6 times a night to 0-1 wake ups in less than 2 weeks. He goes down for bed and his naps in 10-15 minutes consistently. Kasey was great at getting to know our son and adjusting sleep training strategies to fit his and our family’s needs. Kasey goes above and beyond with her communication and support (sometimes even checking in on her days off and after hours) to make sure you are comfortable and all questions are answered. She offers check ins throughout your time together and is happy to answer and and all questions you have. Thank you Kasey for helping our family get sleep again!"


"Before I started working with Kasey, my 2 year old would take around 2 hours to fall asleep at night and he won't go to sleep unless he's holding my hair. He would wake up during the night a couple of times and take some time going back to sleep. I was miserable, tired and exhausted.  When I started working with Kasey things turned around never have I thought that my son would be able to sleep on his own in less than 20 minutes without holding my hair!!! She helped me achieve my goal and much more in the most gentle way with my son. Thanks to Kasey I finally have my life back, I'm in a much better mood and I have the nights back to myself, my 2 year old sleeps much better and I've even noticed that he is in a better mood. So thank you Kasey from all our hearts we appreciate all the hours and help you've put in helping us and our son sleep better!"


"When you are a mom, quality sleep for the whole family is most important in keeping a positive, healthy, family environment. I was struggling to achieve successful sleep habits with my child during multiple stages of his development. I had read all the sleep books, and thought I could eventually make positive changes with my child’s sleep. I am a nurse (RN) and I thought I could do it on my own. I kept applying different sleep recommendations from the various books, but ended up becoming very frustrated, I needed help!

Kasey solved all of our issues within 2 nights. She is understanding, loving, smart, resourceful, and so much more. Kasey covered many more topics than any book I had read. She tailored a sleep program just for us and was so supportive. The cost of a sleep coach is very fair now in retrospect, considering the value Kasey provides. I am a very particular person and I could not be more appreciative and thankful for my experience."


"I'm so thankful to have reached out to Kasey when my 1 year old started struggling with early morning waking. Kasey helped me transition from 2 naps to 1 nap and gave me the tools I needed to establish a healthy sleep and nap schedule. She even taught me about things I didn't even realize were related to sleep such as switching from sippy cups to straws. I now have the confidence that my son is getting his sleep needs met and I have the knowledge to correct any future sleep issues should they arise."


"It was a teaching experience that exceeded my expectations. I hesitated for a long time to do something about my babies sleep. It is because I thought that such thing will be strict & difficult. But Kasey not only made it easy & gradual, she let it be enjoyable. I wish that I ask her for help earlier. She provided me with info & ideas that can help now & after. I recommend Kasey for anyone that want to arrange their kids schedule in the most smooth way."


"Loved working with Kasey! she was so easy to talk too, and very communicative. She helped give us the support and confidence we needed to get our 3 yo sleeping well!"'


"If you are debating whether or not to get help from a sleep coach, debate no more and go with Kasey! She is wonderful. The sleep plan that she sent us was so detailed and organized. It was structured in a way that was easy for us to implement. Kasey worked with us for naps and nighttime sleep for our 5 month old. We had a couple of personal events occur at the time of our sleep program, and not only was Kasey understanding but she was so kind and genuine. After we finished working with Kasey, we were able to continue to make any tweaks or adjustments necessary for our son by using the tips she gave us. I feel like I could go on and on about how wonderful and really life changing her help has been. Thank you Kasey!"


"Kasey at Discover & Dream is a lifesaver. She is so kind, friendly, and easy to work with. I think she is a magician. My terrible sleeper (11 months when we started) was sleeping through the night after 2 weeks in the program. She made what I thought was impossible a reality. The continued support after the training is over is amazing and just as great as the actual sleep program. Worth every penny."


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